Recently there has been a lot of bad news coming my way.
In the past few weeks there was news of two sudden deaths from afar.
It is really hard to grieve when you are not there with everyone else, especially for an avoider like me.
But as a friend recently reminded me, it doesn't make sense for us to wait until the end of someone's life to express how much they meant to us and how much we appreciate them. This is something we should tell them NOW, while they can still hear us.
So here are some goodbye thoughts for those who have moved on, and coming up, I hope to post some #sayitnow words of gratitude and appreciation to people who have impacted my life!

Auntie Mona

Yours was the first wedding I remember going to, and I remember as a child always thinking you were so beautiful. But even more than that, you were the aunt that always took the time to talk with us kids. You would do our hair sometimes, and compliment us, and just make us feel like we mattered. One memory that comes to mind is 10 years ago, when I had just returned from Brazil. Most people wanted the short and sweet rundown, the 30 second answer to "How was it?" but not you. I remember you staying up chatting with me in your living room, after others had gone to bed, peppering me with questions about what it was like, and just letting me talk. I didn't know it then, being my first overseas trip, but this was a rare thing. Thank you for caring, thank you for listening, thank you for always making those around you feel like what they had to say was important. You will be missed.

Pastor Jeff

I didn't know you well, as I was somewhat of an itinerant visitor to your church, but a lot of people I was very close to had their lives changed by you. I was there as you baptized two of my dear friends and sisters, and I remember you praying for me during a significant crossroads in my life. You had no idea what was going on with me, but the words you spoke over me were truly from God. You were used of Him mightily while on earth, and your legacy will continue through many many spiritual children.

The world is a little darker without these two in it.