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Check this out

I was looking around on the internet today and found two really informative sites (with pictures too!) of the city I'll be living in!
Includes information about animal and plant life, attractions, scenic spots, industry etc.
The best site I've seen yet!
The official town site.

Still waiting for my visa....

News Flash!

I received an email today with a lot of information in it! It appears there may be a few bugs to work out with the flights and stuff, maybe I'll be seeing more of the United States sooner than I thought....
- At this moment, we know that your visa process can be completed by as early as 9/5. - We need the visa permit in order to start booking your airplane ticket. - Once we have the permit for your visa, we can then send it to one of the consulate offices or trade offices where you can then apply for a working visa. - Usually, we have our permits sent to the Taiwan trade office in Los Angeles (since our North American office is in Los Angles and our staff there would be able to help out in case there is a problem), so most of our foreign staff fly out of Los Angeles to get to Taiwan. - However, there is also a trade office in Seattle and we're looking to see if Vancouver might be another option. It's just that we don't have any staff members th…

Waiting and Packing

Well, Summer is almost over, and my friends are slowly trickling off to school, it is strange for me, because I am usually the first one to leave, not the one left behind...
In some ways, I know already that I will miss Briercrest, yet it is nice to know I have a reprieve from writing papers and exams (granted I'll be marking assignments and tests now).
So here I am waiting... has patience ever been my strong suit? I am still waiting to hear about my visa, my flight dates, and the details of my situation.

Packing is going to be a challenge. What do you bring with you for a while year when:
1. You won't be returning home to pick up the things you forgot about
2. You're in another country
3. You're only allowed 2 suitcases and 2 carry-on

So far I have begun to pack cd's (meaning I went through my collection and chose less than half to come with me), artwork (as strange as it sounds, I can't stand empty walls, and it doesn't take up too much space, I hope it …

Here's the deal

Here is a basic summary of my trip:On roughly September 15, I will commence orientation in Taipei, which includes some language training, and familiarization with the curriculm. I am going with a missions organization based in Taipei. They do a lot of radio, media and drama ministry in Asia. There is a business in Taiwan that wants to support a program to bring teachers into rural areas for aboriginal children who wouldn't be able to afford English instruction otherwise. This means that while I will be working with a church (likely with an after school type program) my expenses are covered. They are providing a plane ticket, and my housing and utilities are covered. In addition, I will receive $1200 US per month salary! This is less than I would make if I took a secular teaching job in say Korea or Japan, but that doesn't matter to me, because God has provided more than enough for me to cover my student loan payments. It is really an unbelievable opportunity! So, after approxi…

Here we go again!

In just over a month, I will be embarking on my newest adventure.... a trip to Taiwan! Due to the brilliance of some friends, I have decided to start this record of my journeys so that anyone who wants to can share in my experiences.
Since when am I adventurous? I'm not sure! But anyways, this will be the most adventurous thing I have done yet....