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Typhoon Megi

I don’t even remember what day it started raining. I do know that it came down steadily, impossibly. Every time I looked outside, it was still pounding the same rhythm. The news reports came in, Typhoon Megi was devastating the Philippines, but would probably miss us and head on to China. We’d just get more rain. And more rain. And more rain. I kept looking for a break in the downpour, but it never came. Usually I leave Yilan for the (sometimes) dryer streets of Taipei on Wednesday nights, but not this week. This week I was scheduled to teach in Hualian on Friday. That meant working from home on Thursday.
I ran out for groceries in the morning, bypassing the underpass near my back entrance, as it was starting to fill with water. My friends had offered to pick me up in their car at 12:30, still pouring. I noticed a car stuck in the underpass, lights flashing. Too much water. We heard rumors of a typhoon holiday and school cancellations, but weren’t sure. At three when they were driving …

playing catch-up

Ok, so it's officially been 2 months since my last post. I don't know if I still have any readers, but I know it's time for me to make a new post! I've been working hard on my schooling, which means a lot of hours in Starbucks (not so bad, right?), but also means I've been even busier than usual. I'm enjoying the coursework so far though. I'm already looking forward to going to Thailand in January. In fact, part of me wouldn't mind skipping the rest of this year and moving straight into 2011. Here are some exciting things happening: 2 visitors (possibly a classmate in January, and my grandma in March) A trip to Thailand (thank you APU for scheduling the classes right before Chinese New Year, so I can stay there for some vacation time too!) 2 new babies in my family! (My aunt Carol in February, and my sister in April!!)
Here are a few things I've been doing besides schoolwork: Teaching a Saturday kids camp, fun but exhausting... but the kids were sooo cu…