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By Degrees

This pre-Christmas, stream-of-consciousness reflection was originally posted on Bold Cup of Coffee

We hopped from pool to pool, basking in the warmth as we plunged in to escape the cold air. These hot springs, a good pastime for a winter's night, held a lesson for me too. The first pool we entered had a sign telling us the water was 40 degrees. Lured by the nearby milk pool, we switched to its mere 39 degrees and immediately felt a difference. The next pool, at 37.4 felt practically frigid. Now this story isn't about the science of how we adjust to contrasts, nor is it the oft-repeated parable of the frog in boiling water, though on further reflection, maybe it is one and the same


How can what we perceive to be the slightest alteration make such a difference? Faith and fervency, and maybe the little things are really the big things. Now my mind was stirring; something was bubbling up from within. How often do I slack, let things down by a few degrees, stop feeding the …