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A Library Rant

Yilan is rich in a lot of resources, fresh air, great food, etc, but apparently its most precious treasure lies somewhere with the modern trappings of the University’s library. I have not seen this treasure, but the seriousness with which they guard it has convinced me it must be something of ultimate value… knowledge?
It all started a couple of weeks ago, when I thought there might be something in their English stacks that could assist me in my research. Having helped them with their English corner, I have been in the library before, but this time decided to go on my own. Since I am not a student, they asked for a piece of ID to exchange for a guest pass. On that fateful day, I didn’t have my ARC with me, and tried to give them my health care card. It was denied… reason? It didn’t have my address on it. I can’t even just go inside and look around? Denied. I don’t know what they need an address for anyways, a guest pass doesn’t allow you to take books out, you can only enter the sacred…