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March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb

I have been teaching my students this proverb this week because March has really gotten off to a nasty start this year. We had a wonderful long weekend the last weekend in February, and the temperature got up to 30! But this week, it's chilly again..... now I know my friends in Canada will be scoffing at me for this blog post, and I must admit, I haven't seen snow or been in below freezing temperatures since...2007! BUT this week riding on my scooter has reminded me of what WIND CHILL means..... brings me back to my Saskatchewan's not -40, but hey my body has adjusted to a tropical climate now, cut me some slack! If you haven't heard this song yet, to listen to it, it's one of my favorites right now, and fits well with the title of this post!

Lantern Festival

For the first time this year, I went to Pingxi, a place near Taipei where the annual sky lantern festival is held. In past year's I've gone to see lantern festivals where the lanterns were in creative and sometimes quirky shapes.

These lanterns were much more traditional. The government gave out free lanterns to the first 2000 or so people who arrived, and then they released them throughout the night.

It's an amazing sight to see! Usually people write their wishes and hopes or blessings on the lantern and send it as an offering to the gods. I think it's a beautiful symbol of how our prayers rise up to God.