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First Impressions of Singapore

Maybe this post needs to start slightly before I made it to Singapore.  I guess it should start with the chicken...the one who wanted to cross the road....or should I say freeway...
So my flight was super early in the morning, meaning I left the house before 5am to go to the airport, and my taxi was one of the only cars on the road. I had almost drifted off when I felt the driver slamming on the breaks. I looked up to see a chicken running right at us and then heard a bump. I don't know if the chicken was killed or not, but there was nothing the driver could have done to avoid it. On the left side, there was an accident scene, causing me to wonder if a chicken truck had somehow been hit, leaving poor little Kentucky to be hit by us. As he dropped me off, the driver said that he should have stopped and brought the chicken home for dinner. Anyways, chalk it up to ANOTHER weird thing that would only happen to me!

Anyways, check-in etc was quite uneventful, and it was my first time t…

Happy New Year! (#21)

This past year has been a lot about reflecting for me, which is good, and I still have 4 more months until my 30th birthday. I hope I can continue to work toward my goals in that time. In the meantime, life still happens, right? Christmas went by in a flurry of parties and events, and new years was kind of the same. There are only 11 more days until my trip to Thailand and starting new classes. But for now, it's time to think about what 2012 is going to bring.
One of my kindred spirits, Krystal shared this blog on Facebook, and I was indeed inspired. The blog challenges us to come up with a word (One Little Word) to represent your hopes for the next year. On the blog it says, You live with it. You invite it into you life. You let it speak to you. You might even follow where it leads. There are so many possibilities
Do check it out. A lot of people had some very nice sounding words, especially in the comments, like nurture, gravity, believe etc. And as I was reading a word came i…