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Thailand (#23)

I've been home for almost a month now, and when people ask me "How was Thailand?" I say, "Great!"

The weather was perfect. The food was amazing. The bargains were cheap.
The company was fun. What more  could you want? But when they ask, "Did you do anything exciting?" I struggle to find something to share. This year, I really didn't do much, and that was OK. Part of the reason was that I've been there before, and I've done the elephants and tigers already. Part of the reason was that part of my fun budget was devoted to my layover in Singapore. And part of the reason was that I was there for other reasons... like to study and reconnect with my cohort members. Both of those goals were certainly achieved. It was kind of sad to realize that this was my last winter study term in Thailand. I may have to find an excuse to go back though! It was sad and happy, because that means I'm getting closer to finishing my degree. This semester I'm…