Things I would have tweeted last week if I used Twitter #newpost

I have a few friends in my social media network who never fail to impress me with their prolific use of #hashtags and I can admit to googling them and one point and trying to figure out why on earth I was suddenly seeing these weird metasubliminal messages on peoples' posts.... so on my way to embracing the hashtag, here are a few thoughts:

Monday: Spent 20 minutes at the acupuncturist with 8 needles stuck in my legs. #ouch #notreally #justpsychological #didntlook

Tuesday: Bought new socks from a truck on the side of the road. #myglamouroustaiwanlife

Wednesday: Took off my sweater only to realize my shirt was on inside out.
#adultlifefail #gettingold

Thursday: Had homemade oatmeal with peanut butter chips and craisins for breakfast. And lunch.
#comfortfood #yummy

Friday: Reading Isaiah, I suddenly want to rename my bible study class "Okes of Righteousness." #inspiration #suchanerd