New music choices!

If you're ever wondering what to get as a gift for someone living overseas, iTunes credit is always a good choice. Thanks one such lovely gift from my parents, I've been listening to some new music this week. I downloaded three albums:

Mumford and Sons - Babel: I love their sound and literary lyrics, though I'm not sure if I like this album better than their first one.

Ben Cantelon - Everything in Colour:  Canadian artist (note the correct spelling of colour) who I checked out this summer but almost forgot about. Pretty good, but my least favourite of these three albums. Maybe it will grow on me. Kudos for great album artwork though.

Daniel Bashta: The Sounds of Daniel Bashta: Cannot get enough of this album, nice blend of worshipful moments and just good music, which at times reminds me of Our Lady Peace, The Killers, or Third Day. Check him out!

Another awesome music source is Songza. If you live in North America and have a smartphone GET THIS APP! It is kind of a mix of radio and music on demand. My friend recommended it for Christmas music, and I listened to different playlists such as "Rockin' Christmas, Christmas for the Faithful, and Choral Christmas". I love the concierge feature where you can select your mood, activities, or even the time of day to create your soundtrack for life. I've discovered that post-modern trance music gives me a headache, I know the words to a lot of classic rock songs, and I'm decidedly Indie in my musical taste. Who knew?
Some of my favorite playlists on Songza: Music for waking up happy, Rainy day indie, and Acoustic music for working

P.S. Since I just deleted a ton of spam from my comments, I've had to add an extra step if you want to comment...but don't let that stop you ;)