New flavours

I'm a fan of afternoon tea, and in these rainy winter days, it's especially nice to spend an afternoon inside with good company and good tea! Recently the shop Smith and Hsu was recommended to me, and I decided to try it out.
One of the most enjoyable parts of the experience was when we arrived at the shop. We were presented  with a tray full of all of the available teas to smell so we could decide which one to order. There was everything from black and green tea to fruit teas, rooibos and oolong. It was a tough choice but I decided on #81 fruit blend vanilla cream. I also got a sandwich and fresh scones with clotted cream and lemon curd. Everything was wonderful (though not cheap...)
I definitely recommend it though. They have a number of shops around Taipei, and the one we were at wasn't too crowded, but we did make a reservation. They also sell their tea, pots, cups, jams and other things there. There are so many dear friends far away I thought of while I was there, who I would love to share an afternoon and a pot of tea with. But this picture will have to suffice.