30 reasons I haven't updated my blog since I turned 30

1.          I've been having too much fun being 30!
2.          I got assigned to a new work project in May
3.          I traveled around Taiwan doing workshops in May and June
4.          I was visiting Turtle Island for the first time

5.          I was teaching myself how to use Microsoft Excel so I could finish my MA research paper
6.          I was only sleeping 4 hours a night prior to finishing said paper
7.          I was editing my paper
8.          I was finding somewhere to get my paper printed and bound
9.          I was preparing my research presentation
10.      I was teaching myself how to use Prezi, a really cool presentation tool for my research presentation

11.      I was taking a lot of airplanes
12.      I was sick for a week when I got to Canada
13.      I was busy hanging out with my nephew Derek
14.      I was busy cuddling with my niece Kambri
15.      I was playing with the farm kittens at my parents' house
16.      I was selling $16.00 worth of stuff in a garage sale
17.      I was taking a road trip to see my aunt and her sweet little girls
18.      I was taking a pronunciation class
19.      I was peer editing for a language program design class
20.      I was at DISNEYLAND!
21.      I was learning a new worship song
22.      I was writing my test questions for work
23.      I was attending commencement and receiving my hood
24.      I was celebrating my graduation at Applebees
25.      I was saying goodbye to my amazing cohort members

26.      I was trying to get a taxi to LAX at 4am so I could make it to New Mexico on time
27.      I was getting gifts and messages together for my former teammate Hope's wedding
28.      I was decorating a reception hall and getting to know my best friend's new husband
29.      I was connecting with old friends and meeting new babies
30.      I was planning my lessons for the Monday after
I get back


  1. Amanda S9:43 am

    Yay!! Glad to see your new post and happy I could be a part of it! (Yeah, #29!!)

  2. Anonymous12:23 pm

    WOW! Glad to have you back (blog & TW!) You've been missed.
    Tans :-)

  3. What an awesome few months you've had!!! You look GREAT in your new academic regalia!!!


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