before 30.... (#29)

The birthday celebrations have begun...on Monday night my class got me a cake, on Wednesday and Thursday I had birthday meals with friends. Tomorrow I have class in Hualian with a birthday dinner in the evening. I got myself two birthday presents this year - the first was getting my house cleaned ($2500 for half day of cleaning - about $75 Canadian). It seems like a luxury I guess, but it feels good to be starting my 30s with a clean home. I'm also trying to get rid of more unnecessary stuff.

The second was coloring my hair a fun and vibrant red. I figure as I get older, my hair will probably lighten a lot, so I wanted to try going darker at least once. Some have said they like it, others told me "next time don't get that color," but hey it makes me kind of feel young and adventurous still. There is a little voice that tries to tell me that after 30 there will be no fun to be had. Of course I know that's not true, but in these last few hours of my 20s, the doubts are flying hard and fast.