First Impressions of Singapore

 Maybe this post needs to start slightly before I made it to Singapore.  I guess it should start with the chicken...the one who wanted to cross the road....or should I say freeway...
So my flight was super early in the morning, meaning I left the house before 5am to go to the airport, and my taxi was one of the only cars on the road. I had almost drifted off when I felt the driver slamming on the breaks. I looked up to see a chicken running right at us and then heard a bump. I don't know if the chicken was killed or not, but there was nothing the driver could have done to avoid it. On the left side, there was an accident scene, causing me to wonder if a chicken truck had somehow been hit, leaving poor little Kentucky to be hit by us. As he dropped me off, the driver said that he should have stopped and brought the chicken home for dinner. Anyways, chalk it up to ANOTHER weird thing that would only happen to me!

Anyways, check-in etc was quite uneventful, and it was my first time to fly Singapore Air, which was quite lovely.
Things I like about Singapore Air:
1. menus in economy class
2. hot towels
3. chargers and even adapters in the seat backs to link your devices to the screen
4. friendly service
5. leg room

Things I don't like about Singapore Air:

When I got to the airport, something wonderful was awaiting me just around the corner. I noticed a sign that said butterfly garden, so I went inside to experience the most wonderful few minutes I'd had all day. It was magical, there were butterflies of all sizes and colors flying everywhere, and one even landed on my hand! What an Oasis on a long day of travel! If you ever go there, it's worth finding, even if you're in a different terminal!
I proceeded to the MRT station to find my hotel, and managed to do so using a map! I was really proud of myself, because I usually tend toward convenience (like a taxi), and do get lost pretty easily, so it was a big deal for me to do it on my own!  I spent the evening walking around Little India and eating some good food. As I write this now, I'm preparing to go BACK to Singapore after my time in Thailand, which also deserves its own post. I should have posted this when I wrote it, but it was hard to get online in Singapore, and I was pretty busy with classes in Thailand. So I'll end this with a few things I noticed about Singapore compared to Taiwan.
The MRT is very similar, clean, efficient, and full of people on their iphones and ipads.
The city is much more multicultural, and colorful! I really enjoyed this aspect of it.
I did hear some Chinese around me, but more English.
I loved the straight, clean sidewalks with grass next to them, which made me feel like I was back in Canada.
Shopping seems to be the national pastime in Singapore, maybe even more so than Taiwan.
All in all, I really liked what I saw in the 20 hours I was there....hopefully I'll get a better picture of it this week!