Awesome (#18)

This summer I skimmed through The Book of Awesome during one of my lovely visits to Chapters. They have a pretty fun blog too, with entries like this:

#986 When you pull up to a red light and the guy in front of you nudges up a bit so you can make a right turn

You don\'t have to put on the red light
Don’t you love it when you pull up to a red light in the right lane, and the guy in front of you notices and squeezes out into the intersection a bit, just so you can make your right turn a bit faster? What a great thing that is. Careful though — now it’s your job to give a sincere Thank-You Wave as you drive by, because you know they’re waiting for it and besides, did they just shave twenty seconds off your commute or what?

Lately, I've seen a few awesome things around here that I thought I could share.
#1. A guy riding a bicycle while balancing two 10-foot bamboo poles on his shoulder. Dangerous, but AWESOME!
#2. A lovely sunny day today in the midst of all the winter rain. And finally being able to dry my clothes. AWESOME!
#3. An old man in his little electric scooter passing another little old man in his electric scooter. I literally laughed out loud when I saw it. AWESOME!
#4. Leaving my keys in my scooter in the parking lot for over an hour and coming back to find it still there. AWESOME!
#5. One of my students writing the sentence "I have my dad's eyebrow." I corrected her, but still secretly giggled at the mental image of unibrow father and daughter. AWESOME!

Oh and one more... #6 Chinglish on shirts! Like this one, about rocket salads. AWESOME!