First Toffee Nut Latte of the Season!

Well email posting so far is rather disappointing... I tried to send this 3 times before it would show up...and then the text was missing, so I had to email the text to myself separately and then copy and paste it here. So much for that idea, but I'll try again sometime, maybe without photo?

This semester I'm doing a lot of my work from home, which is nice unless they're renovating the apartment next door all month. Fortunately the local Starbucks is nice and quiet during the day. They just got their long-awaited (maybe just by me) Christmas drinks! Note also that I come here so often that I have my own cup, which they pull out as soon as I walk through the door! I even get a small discount for using it. Time to plan my lesson for this afternoon which will be somewhat challenging since I lent out my textbook to a student who forgot his and just realized that I never got it back... Has that ever happened to you?


  1. You have your own cup? Wow!
    I don't think toffee nut has come out here yet...I'll have to check.


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