Sun Moon Lake (#13)

Fun facts about Sun Moon Lake

  • it is in Nantou county in the center of Taiwan
  • it took us about 2 hours to get into the water after we registered
  • there were over 20,000 participants in the swim
  • I got kicked a lot
  • we had a group of 13
  • we were interviewed just before getting in the water and were spotted on tv by friends
  •  we swam 3.3km 
  • it took me 2.5 hours
  • I got a certificate, towel, and polo shirt for completing the swim
  • they had rest stations every 100 meters where you could get water, chocolate, rice and other things for free
  • we were required to wear the orange swim caps we were issued and bring a flotation device into the water
  • the two oddest things I saw people bring into the water with them were a basketball and an umbrella
  • maybe I should have brought an umbrella too, because I did get sunburned, and had a nice swim cap line across my forehead
  • it was a great time... will I do it again? maybe in another 10 years...

at the starting line

the finish line
after woohoo!

soooo many people