Back to North America (#10)

I'm already 1/3 of the way through my 30 before 30 goal, that's good news!
I have a few more ideas coming up too, one of which is that this coming October will mark 7 years in Taiwan! But for now, let me share a little about my trip back to the cold west!
33-19 degrees - yes, it's a lot cooler here, which means all the pictures of me will be wearing the same hoodie since I only brought one!
24 hours of travel - including a very long trip to the airport. I booked a shuttle van to pick me up at home, and they arrived at 11:30am, to get me to the airport for 4:20pm??? I was thinking I'd get there quite early and could have lunch there, mail something etc. little did I know that after picking me up in Yilan, they'd go south (away from the airport) to Luodong, Nan-fang Ao, and then Su-Ao for other pickups! We didn't even leave Yilan until quarter to 1!! Then we hit torrential rain just past Taipei, so my ride was a little delayed. I flew to Hong Kong without incident - LOVE Cathay! It might just be my favorite airline. But when I got to Hong Kong I found out my transfer gate was WAY at the other end of the terminal, it was a bit of a walk, which was ok since I'd be sitting for so long, but the frustrating thing was that the WHOLE way down they had double sets of people movers (moving walkways) BOTH going the opposite way I was walking! But I made it to the gate just in time for boarding our very full plane, in which I was sitting in the middle seat, yes, for an 11 hour flight, fun times right? Oh wait, make that 13 hours because there was a malfunction with the airplane RESTROOM of all things which they had to call a mechanic to come fix, so we sat on the runway for another two hours! Actually it was a pretty good flight, and the seats were more spacious than I was expecting, with a new update since last time I flew - USB ipod chargers in the seatbacks! Travel is getting more convenient all the time. One of the guys I sat next to was really friendly, and told me he flies between China and Canada a few times a year for business. I was thinking I couldn't do this all the time!!!
When I got to Canada, I discovered yet another new thing in the airport - Canadian citizens can go through an electronic customs process that takes all of 3 minutes, it was awesome!! Today I've been booking my shuttle for LA and purchasing my textbooks. Off to school I go!


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    Aww! These kids are sooooo cute! Please please please update soon!


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