from Thai to Tai

I returned to a slightly chillier and wetter Taiwan last night, loving Thailand but happy to be home!
In my 21 days in Thailand, here is a countdown of some of the highlights:
14 awesome cohort members - it was great to reunite and compare notes after 6 months away. We learn a lot from each other and have a lot of fun doing it!
13 fruit smoothies - the place across the way made delicious ones for about a dollar! My favorites were mango, banana, and strawberry!
12 plates of pad thai - well I wasn't counting, but I did enjoy my fair share of this awesome noodle dish.
11 red truck rides - the best way to get around the city, if they'll take you! The YMCA where we stayed was a bit out of the way, but we could usually negotiate the price.
10 bowls of mango sticky rice - I hadn't had it before, but it soon became my breakfast staple during class time. Picture this: fresh mango and sweet sticky rice with coconut cream poured over it....mmmmmmm
9 visits to the swimming pool - all of the hotels I stayed in had them!
8 thai massages - need to read 2 chapters? why not do it while getting a foot massage!!
7 shopping trips - Chiang mai has shopping malls, a night bazaar, and a Sunday market!
6 necklaces - varying colors and styles
5 phrases I learned - hello, thank you, delicious, goodnight, and beautiful
4 hours of reading per day, especially the first week when we had two textbooks plus journal articles!
3 baby tigers, OH so cute! I even got to hold one!
2 awesome flip flops (ok one pair, but I needed to get creative) from my sister that I wore almost every day!
1 thai cooking class - where I learned to make 6 different dishes!
For more pictures see here.


  1. I'd be willing to let you practice your Thai cooking skills on me. =)


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