Here I am in Chiang Mai, which is in northern Thailand. Before coming here, everyone said to me, "Oh, you'll LOVE Chiang Mai!" and it's a nice place, full of delicious food, friendly people, and places such as "Golden Finger Massage" and "Washy Mashy Laundry"
It's quite touristy here, and very international, but it's always nice to see greater diversity. It's also been fun to see my cohort again (by the way, I love that word) after a semester in our respective countries. We are all enjoying a break from winter, though those from more northern countries even more so.
I've been finding some time for fun among my studies, and managed to get a pedicure and two massages so far (all good textbook reading activities). I'm thinking of taking a Thai cooking class on my last weekend here.
There are inevitable comparisons between here and Taiwan, one big one is that shops close MUCH earlier here. Taiwan is really the country that never sleeps. Most places are open til at least 10, if not 11, and there are a few 24 hour or late night places. I went to Starbucks here for a change of scenery to finish my homework, and found they were closing at 9, as did the mall, KFC and most other places.... so here I am in the lobby of the YMCA where I'm staying. It sure is nice to be warm again after 10 degree weather (remember: that's both inside and out).

One of my classmates came to visit me in Taiwan before we came here, and we had a lot of fun. We only had two sunny days, but still managed to go quite a few places. The internet here is really slow, otherwise I'd upload some pictures. Well, off to bed, I have an early morning again tomorrow!