Inevitable comparisons arise for me, between these two lands that are often confused by others (on the bright side, I can now answer the question "how's Thailand?"). But what is Thailand like compared to Taiwan? As they like to say here, is it same-same? Or is it different?

Money - the exchange rate is almost 1:1 here making it really nice for me.
BUT in general, things are a little cheaper here than in Taiwan. For example, a plate of noodles is 25 or 30 (a dollar) where it might be 50 or 60 in Taiwan. Stuff in the markets is pretty cheap too, like silk scarves 2 for 100 (about 3 dollars). Taking orders now...

Food - I love Thai food! I've had pad thai 4 times in 6 days. Their food is often spicy, but with a little sweet and sour mixed in. One of the tastiest things here is the mango sticky rice, which has coconut milk poured over it. BUT I do have to say that Taiwan mangoes are better.

Transportation - People drive on the "wrong" (left) side of the road here, which has caused me to go to the wrong side of a taxi and look the wrong way before crossing the street. One nice thing that one of my cohort-members pointed out is they don't honk their horns here (like they do all the time in Taiwan).

People - People here are very friendly and sweet. My friend and I met a guy in Bangkok who drove us somewhere when we were lost, and even gave us silver bracelets that he had in his car for just such an occasion.

Classes - this isn't a difference between Thailand and Taiwan, but getting your MA is very different from getting your BA. First of all, the readings are much more difficult! I've been reading every day, and my brain is starting to hurt...this could also be an indication of my old age, but I've been going to bed around 10.... I remember the good old days when I could stay up til 2am, get up at 7, and be no worse for wear. I like my profs here, and have a Canadian one this week, a lot of the research cited is from Canada too, much to my enjoyment and my American classmates' puzzlement. But Shantelle is still the best prof I ever had. I wish she could see me now!

I had more floating in my head earlier, but it is after 10 now, so my brain is shutting off....