playing catch-up

Ok, so it's officially been 2 months since my last post. I don't know if I still have any readers, but I know it's time for me to make a new post!
I've been working hard on my schooling, which means a lot of hours in Starbucks (not so bad, right?), but also means I've been even busier than usual. I'm enjoying the coursework so far though. I'm already looking forward to going to Thailand in January. In fact, part of me wouldn't mind skipping the rest of this year and moving straight into 2011. Here are some exciting things happening:
2 visitors (possibly a classmate in January, and my grandma in March)
A trip to Thailand (thank you APU for scheduling the classes right before Chinese New Year, so I can stay there for some vacation time too!)
2 new babies in my family! (My aunt Carol in February, and my sister in April!!)

Here are a few things I've been doing besides schoolwork:
Teaching a Saturday kids camp, fun but exhausting... but the kids were sooo cute. See here for more pics:
Getting my hair done, some highlights and low lights, and medium length bangs, nothing too drastic, but I like it.

Teaching English bible study. We have about 25 students this semester, and a lot of them are new! We're looking forward to a Thanksgiving celebration soon!

Finally, since I'm playing catchup, here are two pics i took with my cell phone last summer while I was in the states. One is a sign in a restaurant explaining what "boba" is, part of the ever popular pearl milk tea in Taiwan, btw MUCH more expensive states side.
The other is the front of a notebook one of my classmates bought in China. It speaks for itself.


  1. I'm still a reader! I love reading your updates. Keep them coming! =)

  2. Charlotte! I'm so happy to read an update! :) Glad to hear that you are doing well and enjoying the courses.

  3. Anonymous8:49 am

    I am still here dude....t

  4. Amanda in Vancouver!6:18 am

    I hadn't given up on your posts! Glad to get another little glimpse into your adventures over there in Taiwan! :)


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