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Well, it's time to resurrect a long-neglected blog! I'm here in Los Angeles right now and just finished my first week of Master's degree classes. I'll be doing another class next week, and will be back again each summer over the next two years. I'm back to my job in Taiwan on July 25 (and starting classes just 10 hours later on July 26....good thing i'm taking education courses, hopefully i can get some inspiration about what to teach my students while i'm all jet lagged...)
Anyways, here are a few fun pictures from my first week:
The dorm room, yes they are bunk beds, and yes, i felt old trying to climb on them:

A trip to the visiting Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit here on campus, great timing!

(My roommates: Morgan and Denise)

Our cohort: we'll be doing classes together for the next 2 and a half years! There are people who will be teaching in China, Korea, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan

We also had a potluck last night with our program director and department head. It was a lot of fun. So far, California is very sunny, and I haven't gotten mugged yet, so that's good, right? Haha
In other news, I LOVE being able to buy anything and have eaten Mexican food 4 times since Monday.


  1. Anonymous12:13 pm

    The last Pic looks like something Monte python would do for a bizarre last supper scene!

  2. does that make me Jesus? HA!


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