Just when you think your Chinese is getting good...

well I had my test, and it was really tough! It was an hour of listening and an hour of reading. I didn't get the results yet, but the listening section was ok. The reading, on the other hand, was horrible! I actually guessed at about half the questions, and even ran out of time... I think I can identify with my students a little better now who are taking various English proficiency tests. But anyways, the test was free, and who knows, I may have done better than I thought ;)
My Chinese was dealt another blow when I arrived back in Yilan last weekend. Something was different. The bus was turning down a strange street. It was a huge, newly-built bus terminal that I didn't know existed. Yes, the bus I take twice a week changed routes, and I had absolutely NO idea! You think there would have been signs... well there probably were, but I have no recollection of seeing anything to that effect. At that point it was actually faster to walk home than to walk to where I had parked my scooter in the relative safety of the church. From now on, I have to park in the big scooter parking lot, and then extract my scooter when I get home. I promptly invested in a big tire lock. I have had two bicycles stolen from a similar parking lot..... Anyways, I was just kind of shaking my head at how such a huge move could have occurred without my awareness!