A Visitor!

My friend Jeanine from college is teaching in Asia now, and decided to take advantage of the lunar new year holiday to hop over to Taiwan! She was my third visitor since I've been here. BTW I always welcome more! We had a great time and managed to squeeze a LOT into 3 days! But the trip started and ended with God's miraculous provision. On Friday night at about 11pm, Jeanine called me to say that there was a problem with her return ticket, and she might have to cancel the trip. We were both disappointed. She had been trying to call the airline, but couldn't find anyone who spoke English.

Finally she got her parents to call the office in Canada. Miracle #1 At about 1am (2am her time) she was confirmed on a Sunday afternoon flight, giving her about 30 hours in Taiwan. I went to pick her up at the airport the next morning, and we checked at the service desk. Miracle #2 There was a flight available for Monday afternoon, but the only seats open were in business class. She book it since she wouldn't have to pay the difference until check-in, and got put on a waiting list for a regular seat.

We spent Saturday in Taipei, and Hope met up with us. Then we headed to Yilan in the evening and stayed at my apartment. Spent a warm sunny Sunday (Miracle #3 maybe, as it has been pouring rain since she left) in Yilan, then went back to Taipei Monday morning for a bit more sightseeing before her afternoon flight. At the check-in she sorted everything out, and the clerk asked which seat she preferred. She joked to me that she preferred the business class seat at the economy price...well that was what she got! After a few phone calls, the girl said what most travelers dream of hearing: Today's you're lucky day, you got a free upgrade to first class! Well both of us burst out laughing. From an almost canceled trip to flying home in style - God is good!


  1. You two look so cute in that umbrella picture! Where was that taken? And I love the way the story ended...we have the best Dad!

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