My Taiwanese friends tend to be really impressed with my ability to make cakes and cookies. On the other hand, I'm always impressed by how they can make whipping together a multi-dish meal seem like nothing!
I had a lot of fun baking with my Bible study students, from age 10-50.

I taught them how to make cheese biscuits and chocolate chip cookies. Then we had a short worship and prayer time as we were waiting for the cookies to bake.

We talked about how God created each one of us, and just like a cook knows every ingredient he puts into a dish, God knows every part of us. As he's making us, sometimes the mixing and shaping process is painful, but in the future, we will become something beautiful.

This is the second time I've had such a large group of people over to my house, and thankfully this time didn't get in trouble with the neighbors! But I am again so thankful that I have a great apartment like this where I can host people.

There's a mom with two sons who come faithfully to class every week. A couple of times when we've had a potluck, they've brought their waffle maker and batter, and made fresh waffles for everyone. The boys are really sweet and sensitive. Their mom teaches them how to cook. They really liked baking, and even volunteered for dish duty. Someday, they'll have happy wives.

I wish the quality of the pictures were better, but hopefully you can get the idea. Here is our pastor and my co-worker getting their hands dirty!

P.S. I know my Christmas tree is still up. I might take it down this week after the second batch of students comes over to bake.... but then again, I'm having a visitor for Chinese New Year...maybe I should leave it up for her?


  1. Anonymous10:29 am

    you can officially leave your tree up until after new years then its tacky to have it up.

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