7 places to see in Taiwan when you only have 3 days

I'm really glad I had time to bring Jeanine back to Yilan with me. She stayed in my guest room and got to try driving my scooter. We also did a whirlwind tour of some important Taipei sites with Hope along for company.
7. The Traditional Arts Center, we actually spent quite a while there and got lots of good pics, but here's a fun one. The little girl kind of just wandered into the shot, but it almost looks like she's supposed to be there.
6. Rice fields...ok maybe not a must-see, but you will undoubtedly see some!

5. The Grand Hotel

4. The National Palace Museum, we made it just in time for a 10 minute run through because they closed early for New Years' Eve, but got some good pics outside

3. Miramar, there weren't many people there so we waited for the clear-bottomed car, kind of cool, kind of overrated

2. Night Market, crowded, lots of food and cheap stuff to buy, i prefer to go at about 5pm on a Wednesday, but I guess it's kind of like a mosh pit without the good music.

1. Taipei 101
It had been awhile since I've been to the top of 101, since it's pricey to go up to the observation deck, but they have added some fun things since I was there last, including a projection onto the floor of Taipei city (pretty cool) and huge museum/gift shop you have to navigate through before you can exit (not so cool)


  1. It looks like you and Jeanine had fun (yay!) I'm gald everything worked out for her to come. I Know I'll have more than 3 days when I come, but I want to see all of those!! Nolan and I have almost 10,000 airmiles (so air fare should be covered) and we started a collection jar for spending money! We throw or extra change in there, any cash gifts we get (we just put a $100 bill in !) and sometimes on payday I withdjust $20 just to add to it!


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