Top 9 of 2009

I've been doing this ranking activity with my students, asking them to discuss what the most important things that happened in 2009 were. There was an interesting mix of things in there, and here are some of the top ones:

  • H1N1, which I blogged about not too long ago.

  • American beef, apparently causing a strain on U.S. - Taiwan relations, in daily life, it means signs popping up in all the restaurants reassuring patrons that American beef is not served there

  • Michael Jackson's death, I remember hearing about it via Facebook before going to one of the summer camps I taught at.

  • Taiwan's former president being jailed...was that 2009 or 2008? or maybe he was jailed more than once...

  • Obama winning the Nobel Prize

  • The global warming summit in Copenhagen, although the movie 2012 was equally popular

  • Typhoon Morakot, Taiwan's biggest natural disaster in recent years, which occurred when I was home in Canada

  • Wang Chien Ming being fired from the Yankees, I guess he is no longer the "light of Taiwan"

  • And lat but not least... Sorry Sorry- a song by Korean boy band Super Junior that has everyone dancing, or at least doing hand motions:

As for me, 2009 was an extremely eventful year, but as readers of this blog, you already know that ;)