Look at the pretty sunflowers and the tank

I decided to take advantage of the wonderful sunshine today at lunch time and took a walk by the river, which is less than 10 minutes from my house. Predictably, there weren’t many people out since Taiwanese people tend to avoid the sun. It’s such a beautiful green area with flower beds along the walking and bike trails. I once saw a woman posing her dog among the sunflowers for a portrait. But my favorite part of the river park is the bridge (I’ve always been partial to bridges), and especially the adult-sized swings underneath. I’ve always loved swings, and usually stop for a swing before I turn back to go home. Today I had company though. There was a group of about 6 business guys in their early 30s in suits, perhaps looking for a little levity, who had come down on their lunch break to swing on the swings. It was actually kind of amusing to watch them. I wonder if it’s a regular thing for them.

On the way back I saw one more very random thing. A large flatbed carrying a tank. A real-blowing-things-up-in-war-tank. And then another one. I know there’s a military training facility in Yilan, but I was weird to see them nonetheless. I only wish my cell phone camera took a little better quality pictures!


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