I changed my blog template, hope you like it! New colors for a new year.

I'm still looking for a theme verse for 2010, which will go at the bottom of the picture.
I also still need some ideas for my 2010 archive section.

Here are some things I'm looking forward to:

Being done with all my grading!

Having students over to bake during winter vacation.

My friend Jeanine coming for a couple of days at the beginning of Chinese New Year.


  1. I like the brown and blue . . . Very soothing colors. It's like you peaked in my bedroom for inspiration. :)

    ideas for archives--you mean the VERY creative way you name each month of each year differently? I love the way you do that, by the way.

    If so, random ideas:
    -I know once you used Chinese pinyin, could you use characters?
    -what about Taiwanese romanization or hakka?
    -if it is something that you link to/create yourself, what about using a tiny icon or picture to represent each month?

  2. It looks beautiful! What skills you have.

  3. Ha! Mostly cutting and pasting skills.

  4. Anonymous3:58 am

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  5. Glad to be of some help.

    The "on this day" section is a widget that I found for wordpress that allows posts on the exact same day to show up again here. Kinda cool right? I'm not sure if there is a widget that can do the same thing for blogger blogs or not.


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