New Hair!

I got a haircut last week and got some layers. So far I like it, but the funniest thing is the "compliments" I've been getting from my Taiwanese friends. In one day, I had at least three people tell me, "Your hairstyle looks so feminine!" Kinda made me wonder if I was looking too masculine before, or what haha! I know what they mean (女生味), but it's still funny to hear.


  1. When I straightened my hair a few years ago, I was told my hair was very "lady." At first, I assumed they meant "ladylike" . . .

    but what they really meant, when I pressed for an explanation was that I looked like an "office lady" (ie. more mature and less 活泼).

    So, I wonder if instead of being masculine vs. feminine they actually mean "more grown up."

    Regardless . . . it's really cute and actually quite Taiwanese looking. :)

  2. Fei chang ke ai!


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