Some surprises are good, like finding out a friend is pregnant, or that you got a raise, or, going into the local 7-11 and finding milk on for buy-1-get-one-half-off.

Some surprises are bad. Like taking a drink of said milk AFTER you've poured half of it into your coffee and finding that it's artificially sweetened with a vaguely fruity flavor. Bad suprise. Note to self: you probably will not "love" the I heart milk brand....

This blog post was going to be short and sweet, but I realized it's my first update since I got back to Taiwan! What have I been doing?

Well classes have started, I have a Mexican and a Brazilian exchange student this semester.
I asked my students who spent the summer in Amanda's class in Canada to reenact their experiences, and discovered they all fell in love with the French boys.
Speaking of French boys, met some Deaflympians from France last night. Taiwan is hosting the Deaflympics right now, and it's really neat to see people from different countries all over the city who are communicating with sign language.
Spent lots of time with Hope mostly around Taipei, but she did come to Yilan for a weekend too!
My English Bible study starts next Monday, and so far there are more than 50 people signed up! It's unbelievable! This is our 7th semester, and the Chinese word for seven and semester sound very similar. Someone told me that when the church was talking about starting the bible study, one of the elders was like "it'll never make it to the qi qi (seventh semester)" which basically means "it's not going to last" but here we are in the 七期!


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    your adventures are so... so... crackalicious :o)


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