Learn something new every day

I learned three very important things just now:
1. The little railway underpass that leads to the back of my apartment building gets flooded during heavy rain.
2. A scooter does not drive through knee-high water.
3. Scooters don't like to start after that important stuff underneath gets filled with water.

I wasn't sure if I was going to make it home! I kept trying to start my scooter again, while wondering if I should just push it through the underpass to home. Otherwise I'd have to go back and drive around the long way over the train tracks, which is what I ended up doing. A lady came by on her scooter at that time and I told her it was impassable. She waited with me until I got my scooter started again, and drove part of the way home with me until she could tell my scooter was running ok. I was so thankful! I really didn't know what to do!
When I got home I noticed that there was a car stuck in that same underpass (which cars are not actually supposed to drive through!) Hopefully they'll get out!