Social Networking is really the buzzword these days. A lot of my blog readers are also my friends on facebook, but not necessarily vice versa. I've been to Twitter twice, and both times, my impression was....lots of I doubt I'll be on there anytime soon.
But I do often find myself not writing in this blog because I want to wait until I can give a more detailed description of things.
So I'm going to experiment a little and try to update shorter things, more often, and see how it goes. Like when I have something on my mind that's too long for a Facebook status....

I find blogging to be a little more "permanent" too, though without the instant gratification of people "liking" my statuses right away.... I guess that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make :P

So hello, my name is Charlotte. It makes me angry when I run downstairs with all my garbage only to miss the garbage truck, and then drop half of my fresh made avocado dip on the floor when I get back.

But I'm excited that my warmup activity involving teenage girls making animal sounds in front of their peers went really well this afternoon.

And I'm definitely looking forward to week 2 of my English Bible study, which starts in less than an hour. We had 50 people last week! Tonight's topic: Esau. It's fun to teach about some of the OT Bible characters, and the book I've been reading, The Book of God (The Bible as a novel) by Walter Wangerin Jr. has been really enriching my meditations on the stories, if not my lesson prep! I might type out his portrayal of the battle of Jericho on here at some point, hopefully that doesn't infringe any copyright laws... but it was just THAT good.


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