all growed up

Well today I was waiting for the bus back to Yilan when someone came up to me, and asked, "Are you Charlotte"? It was one of my students from a couple of years ago at the high school! I was glad that I could still remember her name, and we chatted while waiting for the bus. She was also on her way home to Yilan for the weekend. She's going to university in Taipei now, and studying Elementary English Education! Also, we carried on the whole conversation in English. Good job, Renee!
Now that I've been in Taiwan for a few years, this kind of thing happens fairly frequently! It's really cool to meet my former students and hear about what their doing, but it kind of makes me feel old too! I know there are only a couple of years between when I have them and when they get to university, but just seeing them make the transition from shy high school to fashionable college lady is so neat.
Once I even ran into a girl who I taught back in Hualian who was working part time at a 7-11 while going to college in Taipei!
Next weekend, Hope and I are going to go back to Yuli for a visit, and I'm sure she'll be shocked at how much the kids there have grown and changed since she was last there four years ago!
Kids that were in elementary school then are in Jr. High or even High School now. Our landlords have three little boys, our friend Vivian who had breast cancer when we lived there is now married and 3 months pregnant (and completely cancer free)!