Wedding Time

My younger sister got married last Saturday! We had a crazy busy week beforehand doing preparations, including making the wedding favors, having a bridal shower, and a couple of trips to the beach, which happened to be right next to the place where they got married. Here's a picture from the shower with Sarah sporting a glowing "Bride to Be" button.

You can also see the favors which were some ceramic spoons from Taiwan with Hershey's kisses on them. The tag said "A spoonful of kisses from the Mr. and Mrs."

The night before the wedding we had a rehearsal at the B&B where they were getting married, and a rehearsal dinner BBQ. Then the girls stayed the night there.
As you can see in this picture, the grounds were just beautiful!

We did nails until the power went out. Actually, I shouldn't say "until" because they just kept going by flashlight and cell phone light!
We spent the next morning getting ready for the wedding at 2pm.

It was beautiful but very, very hot! I think it was something like 36 degrees. Here's Sarah walking down the aisle with my dad. And a picture of the groom and best man waiting. It was quite a family wedding actually.
My two brothers were the best man and jr. groomsman. I was the maid of honor and my aunt and younger cousin were both bridesmaids as well!

After pictures we went to a beautiful hotel for the reception where we had dinner and dancing until about 1am! I think all of us were exhausted for the next few days, but we also had a gift opening the next morning, and then cleaned up. It was fun to see family, and also see my dear little sister looking so beautiful and marrying a guy she loves! Congratulations, Sarah and Toby!

As usual, there are more pictures here in this facebook album!

Me and my youngest brother before the reception.

Me and my mom before the ceremony.


  1. Hi hi!

    So I am sitting at work, completely bored out of my mind thinking isn't there something that will help pass my last 3 days at work!?!?
    And there was, your blog! I just caught up on 3 months worth of blogging! And I have 3 things to tell you.

    I love cream puffs
    I'm jealous that you got to ride an elephant
    And your new apartment looks wonderful!!

    Love you!

  2. Anonymous1:01 pm

    hi char,

    miss ya already. Hope you get home safely. Had an awesome time with you and carmen. If you want to send some of my poems. I would rather mail them to you then post it on facebook. I wish you could visit for longer but it was awesome to have my partner in crime!!! ma-ha ha. Do you have your exit buddy? Well do ya?

    bye for know, aka shelly


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