On the Road Again

Well my updates have been few and far between since I came back from Saskatchewan, but here are a few things I did:

~Spent time with my family in Alberta, went to my Dad's dragon boat practice, and got caught in a freak storm.

~Went to Calgary and reminisced about high school and college days with Melissa, Shelly, Joella, and Carmen.

~Flew to Vancouver to hang out with Amanda and Dwight and got to meet Krystal's adorable boys.

Fun, fun times. As I head back to Canada my heart is filled with thankfulness at how many incredible people I am privileged to call friends, and at how they'll go above and beyond to see me, drive me around, feed me, and give me a bed, couch or floor to sleep on!
This has been such a memorable trip home, probably one of my favorites since I've been in Taiwan.

There are about 300 pictures to show, not including the wedding, and I'll be posting some here and on Facebook (don't worry, I'll link to the album).
I feel like I haven't stopped talking all month, and I'm sure all of my friends must have sore throats! Now all that's left is to wait for my 2:20am flight..and I must say, that's a really RANDOM time to fly! Better than 5am, I suppose, but that's when I'll arrive!
So goodbye temperate summery, Tim Horton's hosting, wide-open-spaces-and-long-drives motherland.......sweaty, vibrant, technology-filled homeland-of-cheap-food-and-goods, here I come. (Did I mention it's late?)