Made it!

I'm back in Taiwan now after a long flight. We had some "technical problems" on the flight, so once we finally boarded, we ended up sitting on the plane for almost 3 hours! It was a little disconcerting to look out the window and see a bunch of people with ladders, flashlights, and tools working on the wing of a plane that is about to carry you over the ocean...but obviously they got the problem fixed, and I didn't end up on any mysterious islands except the one I'm supposed to be on. Did I mention that the air conditioner for the plane doesn't turn on until the plane is in the air? It got pretty hot and stuffy inside...maybe it was to help me prepare for the Taiwan heat, since summer is still in full swing here!
Anyways, I AM back now, and fighting jet lag as best as I can. Some of my classes will be starting next week already, and the rest, the following week. I should be over the jet lag by then! Actually it isn't that bad this time around, coffee works wonders! It's wonderful to see all my good friends here again too, I feel like the reunions never end! But the best one of all was when I took the MRT about 30 minutes to go see Hope! She's going to come to Yilan with me this weekend too, how exciting!


  1. Hooray! I'm so glad that you had a safe trip back (despite the craziness of delays). I fly out in just under a month! Eee! :D


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