Waiting in Airports = Time to update my blog

I'm writing from the Vancouver airport today/tonight?
I had a really smooth trip to Canada, and was actually able to sleep on the plane for about 6 hours!
When I checked in, the guy was really friendly, and got me a window seat in the very first row on the upper deck of the plane (I didn't even know the plane had an upper deck!). The extra space was MUCH appreciated. After I woke up, I watched 17 Again, which was fun.
The first thing I did when I got to Vancouver was have a Timmy's while I waited for my dear high school classmate Johnny to come pick me up! It was so fun to see him, and when he spotted me, he threw his cell phone up in the air in excitement, it was like something from a movie!
We got some Indian food and went for a drive in Stanley Park and saw these awesome raccoons who I swear, were posing for my pictures!
I got a tour of CTV where Johnny works, and did a quick wander up and down Robson Street.
Vancouver is getting ready for the Olympics, and they have these eagle sculptures all over the city.
But they just called boarding for my next flight, so off I go!


  1. Ok - what is a "Timmy's" - for those of us not from Canada ?

    Have a great time!

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