Summer in Taipei

I've been here in Taipei office for about a week and a half working on some projects since my summer classes don't start until Monday...some thoughts and happenings:

  • Walking down the street in Taipei you get the strangest sensation of heat and cool at the same time. The air conditioner from the stores along the street cools off your left side, as you feel the scorching heat of car exhaust as they go by on the right.
  • Eating many different kinds of shaved ice, one of my favorites this year is made from almond milk (杏仁豆腐冰)
  • Writing around 400 test questions in a week...brain slightly fried
  • "sneaking" off stage halfway through leading an activity because i forgot the central material for the game in my bag...did i mention this was in front of 100+ people? did I mention my brain is fried?
  • Taking the new MRT 6 times since it opened, no delays for me, but it actually shut down completely today :(
  • Hanging out with really cool people and getting to know some new ones
  • Being a panelist on a radio program
  • counting down the days until I go home (13 left!)
  • Wondering if staying in Taiwan so long means losing friends back home


  1. Anonymous7:35 am

    True friends remain true no matter how much time and distance comes inbetween - you will see. :o)
    You will not be one of those ppl who at 40 say - "youth is wasted on the young" - adventure should be had at your age. Now get over here so I can smack you>....< LOL


  2. I want to hear more about this radio program! Was it Advanced or something else?


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