FuShan Botanical Garden

To celebrate the end of the semester, I took a trip with my Bible study students up to a beautiful place in the mountains.

Even though we departed from Yilan, Fushan Botanical Garden is actually in Taipei county. It was less than an hour's drive.

We had about 30 people total, including the families of some of my students.
Since the garden is a protected area, they only let a certain number of people in every day. The day we applied, there were over 1600 people applying for 600 spots!

There were tours available I think, but we just went and wandered around.

The main path is just under 4km around the more cultivated area. There are signs explaining the different plants and animals that can be seen. We stopped for a picnic lunch halfway through.
It was so beautiful there, the pictures don't really do it justice! If you want to see more, you can visit here. One fun thing was that we saw some monkeys from the car on our way in. I LOVE that Taiwan just has wild monkeys running around.