Things you can do in a Taiwanese 7-11 #221

I forgot my cell phone charger in Yilan yesterday, and won't be back until Saturday. Fortunately, you can now charge your cell phone battery at certain 7-11s in Taipei!
So besides mailing letters, paying your electric bill, using an atm, making photocopies, and getting pictures developed, you can also pay 20NT to charge your battery for 10 minutes. It doesn't give it full power, but will last for a bit if you only make short phone calls.
So I'll be visiting the 7-11 a lot over the next couple of days.... can you remember what life before cell phones was like? How did we survive :P


  1. Anonymous6:25 am

    Also, if you happen to be spending time near a phone store you might wanna pop in and see if you can do the same there.

    My friend leaves her's there for an hour or two. It would be cheaper and the charger would be longer lasting. Two birds with one stone.

  2. I vaguely remember a time in my life when cell phones weren't widely used yet. I believe I was in junior high school when those brick-sized Nokia cell phones became popular. Before that pagers where the thing! My friends and I knew how to send messages to each other on our pagers using numbers as a code to spell words. Wow, your post just sent me down memory lane!

  3. I meant pagers were the thing, not where. Oops!


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