Strawberry season

  • Winter is strawberry season in Taiwan.
  • People pay to go to little strawberry farms and "pick" strawberries. You're usually given a pair of scissors to cut the berries so you don't damage the plants too much.
  • Juice vendors here think you're crazy if you ask for a strawberry-banana combination, it takes a lot of convincing before they'll make it for you.
  • This generation of young people (born afer 1980) in Taiwan is nicknamed the "strawberry generation" because they have grown up in a time relatively free of hardship and are often over-protected by parents, which makes them less able to withstand hard work and pressure. Like strawberries, they are bruised or crushed easily.  This is also the generation I interact with most. A speaker I heard a few weeks ago pointed out that the strawberry generation was created by "strawberry" parents and teachers. A google search of "Taiwan strawberry generation" yields some very interesting results if you want to read more.


  1. I love strawberries too

    I love taiwan.. do you think its possible to get a homestay at some coutnry side with great scenery for about a week?

    lovely blog


  2. There are soo many great homestays on the east coast, especially in Hualian! I definitely recommend them.
    Thanks for stopping by. :)


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