Happy Resurrection Day

I probably say this every year, but I LOVE the Chinese translation of the word Easter - Fu Huo Jie, literally resurrection holiday.

Last night I had a student who asked me if the word "Easter" was found in the Bible. He pointed out that Passover and Pentecost are in the Bible but not Easter or Christmas. I think he was trying to imply somehow that we shouldn't celebrate them.

Actually there is a religious group in Taiwan that holds to this teaching. While I freely admit that you don't need to waste your time searching concordances for the word "Easter", there's certainly nothing wrong with celebrating the event of Jesus' resurrection from the dead. You won't find the words car, surgery, or Internet in the Bible either.

Making cream puffs

Here are some of the highlights of Easter celebrations this year:
Our church had a carnival outreach event on Saturday. Over 400 people came throughout the day. There were 5 game stations which included reading part of the gospel message.

I worked at one with two other people, where we introduced love and talked about how God's love is the ultimate love. Then they got to do a ring toss onto different pillars with the different kinds of love. The teenage girl that was helping was so funny, because she was a great host.

When people got one, she'd yell out (in Chinese) "Congratulations, you've received God's (parents' friends' etc) love!"
Easter Sunday, I have to admit was a little disapponting just because part of me longs for the rich tradition of Easter services that I've experienced before, singing the great Easter hymns and really having something different and special from the rest of the year. We did sing "Because He Lives" though.

Sunday afternoon was spent draining eggs so the shells could be colored and making cream puffs at the church.

I did Easter classes all day Monday, and on Monday night we had a feast with all the egg! There was a lot of food.
This won't hurt a bit...

We also had a clue hunt which the students got really into! Thanks to my mom's suggestion, I had them write their own clues for the other team this year. One of the funniest ones was: I'm popular, and I'm imported.
Where was the clue? In my pocket!
Being a teacher is so fun!


Great clue hunt shot, and two clues:
1. We go here every week, but not this one
2. I can't walk but I never stop