Birthday Treasure Hunt

I got a sweet suprise on Tuesday night when I went to visit my favorite family for language exchange. Their oldest daughter, Esther's birthday is just a few days before mine, and for her birthday party they made a huge treasure hunt.
 Since I was in Taipei that day, they made a special one just for me! Those girls are SO creative and thoughtful...I want my kids to be just like them someday! They've been really into Blue's Clues lately, and made a homemade blue paw print stamp out of an eraser. They then drew a treasure map of the entire first floor of their house/church with stamps where the treasures were. The items themselves also had a paw print mark on them! It was a lot of fun searching for the "treasures" especially since the two youngest girls got SO into it! There's no better sound than that of a child laughing and squealing in joy. Gloria, 4, could barely contain her excitement and showed me where two of the treasures were before the hunt even started. Deborah (6), just barely controlled her enthusiasm, as she took my hand and led me to each room where there was something hidden! I wish I'd had my camera to take pictures during the hunt! An old picture of the girls and the map will have to suffice. 


  1. How fun! I did a very similar thing for Ed's birthday one year, including the Blue's Clues.


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