On Friday night when we got to class, I found out that my translator (co-teacher) was not feeling well. Since there were a number of teachers and subs out that week, I'd have to teach the class on my own! Now this is a mixed-level newcomers class about the basics of the Bible. Usually I don't like having translation in class, but in this case, it's necessary, especially for those who have an extremely low level.
SO.... I ended up translating for myself! And it was hard. It was a cool challenge for me in learning Chinese, but felt like I taught the class twice in one hour! Fortunately, I've been teaching this class for over a year, and have heard the Chinese version weekly, so there was some stuff I could parrot, just from repetition. Other stuff, I would ask "what does ____ mean?" and some of the higher level students would say it in Chinese! It seemed to go pretty well, but I hope I don't have to do it again!


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