New Computer!

I got a really good deal on a new laptop: a mini laptop! It was only about 300 US dollars.

This is an Acer "Aspire One" kind of like the eeePC. I think the whole thing is only like 8 or 9 inches!

So far I love it! It's small, and light, and blue! It wasn't hard to talk myself into buying it, especially because of the amount I travel.

Though you can't see it in this picture, the casing of my old laptop is getting broken, and it weighs a lot more than this new one. Plus the battery on my current laptop is only giving me about an hour and ten minutes these days.... this new computer's battery life is about 3 hours. You can pay more for bigger ones, but really, I probably won't need it for more than that... it's not a problem to carry the power cord with me if I'll be out for longer.
It has a lot of memory (160G) but the RAM isn't the fastest. It doesn't have a CD-ROM drive either, but lots of USB drives and card readers. Basically it's not for everyone, but works quite well for what I want it for! And it's so darn cute! I haven't decided what to name it yet. Any suggstions?


  1. How about, like, Rosie Perez or something, since it's so petite?

  2. Krystal7:30 am

    you name your laptops??? hm.. NERD :P hee hee... cute Char! my laptop has loose wired to the screen... whites out on me or gets lines throughout the screen... silly thing.

  3. hmm it would be delightfully ironic to name a blue laptop Rosie :D
    Krys...for those of us who don't have small pets and children (or is it small children and pets) we have to resort to naming our inanimate objects! 3 weeks to go for you eh? :D let's try to get a chat in before #2 arrives


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