Day 1

True to form, Yilan was quite cold and rainy on the first morning! The goal was to drive from Yilan to Hualian in the first day. 
Fortunately, by the time we reached Su-Ao, where we'd be going up the mountains, the rain stopped. Here's a view of Su-Ao harbor and bridge.

The Su-Hua highway is notorious for being dangrous and windy. I've been on it in a car 3 times, and was seriously carsick two of those times. Fortunately, I don't get carsick on scooters! Thankfully the big sand trucks that usually travel this road were on holiday, but there were plenty of cars. 

There are some incredible views from up top, and the bluest sections of ocean in Taiwan!

FINALLY, after riding for more than 5 hours, I saw a nice and familiar sight: the blue bridge near Taroko gorge! Only 45 minutes of driving left from here! 


  1. 6 hours on a scooter . . . are you crazy!?!?! Wow, I have new admiration for you.

    (and, uh, mind if I ask who is the gentleman who has appeared in the last two posts with you?? was he your escort?)

  2. wow, yeah, I don't think I could do that long on a scooter. you know how much I love them, after all :-)
    I think the lack of music would get to me. But it must have been SO much more convenient for stopping to take pictures and enjoy it all.

  3. There was much singing... it doesn't matter how bad you sound when you're singing into the wind haha

  4. Tania7:27 pm

    I can't believe you scootered that road!!! I'm trying to decide if you are brave or just crazy :P


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