Some Pictures from the Thanksgiving Dinner

On November 30, our English Bible Study hosted an (American) Thanksgiving dinner. I know it's not the Canadian date, but you gotta celebrate when you can get the turkey! After much debate on where to get our turkey, the best option wasn't Costco (since we couldn't find an oven large enough to roast a frozen turkey), but from the Taiwan Turkey Association, which I didn't even know existed! Anyways, the price included everything you see in this picture and more. They mail the cooked turkey to you and you reheat it by roasting it on a spit. It also came with the charcoal, fire starters, matches, and even paper plates. Even though it wasn't exactly "Western flavor" it was quite good, and most of the people who came enjoyed it since they'd never eaten turkey before! We had a short program with singing before dinner, and over 70 people attended the dinner! Afterward we watched a movie (Evan Almighty) and had a great discussion/prayer time at the end. It was a great night! Go here if you want to see some pics from the Thanksgiving outreach!