Spiritual Conversations...

Yesterday, I was chatting with some of my students during the break between classes, when I had two very different conversations. The first student asked me what kind of religion I follow. I told him I'm a Christian, and asked him what he believed in. He said he believes in reincarnation, which of course, he didn't know the English word for, so he explained it kind of like this: 
It's like a big circle, so I have to do many good things, because if I don't maybe when I die I'll come back as a poor person or as an animal. 
What a hopeless cycle. Does it mean that poor people are to blame for their situation because of their actions in a previous life? I didn't say this to him, but it made me think about what kind of world view must accompany this belief. 

Another student asked me if I would be attending the upcoming Franklin Graham evangelistic crusade, and shared that he would be dancing on the stage at some of the shows! Imagine that! A high school dance team from a small town will be performing in front of thousands of people for the glory of God!  I will be attending, at least one of the days, and I'll be looking for my student! 

Please pray for Taiwan during this huge event (Oct 24-Nov2), and in the following weeks that the seeds of the gospel will be planted and come to fruit through the work of His church!


  1. Thanks for including this prayer request. We will pray.


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